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Yellow6 Album Reviews 4out of 5
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Painted Sky

Album Reviews
For his seventh "proper" album, Leicestershire's Jon Attwood has found home on yet another record label. Yet whilst Attwood is nomadic in this way, his music remains distinctly his own; each release differing slightly from the last one up until 2005's 'Melt Inside', where a guest vocalist added an extra level of danger and tension to Attwood's already pretty portentous backdrops. Yet 'Painted Sky' is on more familiar territory with our hero very much following his own path.

Rich, mesmeric passages of steel guitar characterise 'I Loved You More Before I Knew You Loved Me', the piano melody on 'Nye 2' is stark and - somewhat fitting for the label - resonant then there's the beautifully sad echoes and subdued feedback of 'Pleasure/Pain'; these latter two tracks are almost simple lullabies but still stand out. Granted, there are a couple of moments here ('Realisation', 'Maré') which linger too long in artful moodiness but 'Eighteen Days' highlights why Attwood is revered in instrumental/post-rock circles; using his tried and trusted technique of echo, drum loops and slow-paced guitar work, the music builds up into a work of shimmering, glistening menace. Meanwhile 'Requiem For Julian' is as haunting a piece as anything he's produced in the past and the bruised 'Azure' holds the listener's interest right to the end of the record. Overall, the best Yellow6 record since 2000's landmark 'Overtone'

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 I Know I Shouldn't (But I Do)
02 I Loved You More Before I Knew You Loved Me
03 Common
04 NYE 2
05 Realisation
06 Pleasure/Pain
07 Eighteen Days
Standout Track Requiem For Julian
09 Maré
10 Azure

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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