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Audio Wonderland - Bedroom Ambience 3

Album Reviews
The third in a series of compilations from Enraptured Records sees the term ambience spread into surprisingly varied music genres. Stellarscope begin proceedings with a marvellous widescreen take on Spiritualized's spaced-out rock, Pulby's 'Wherever We Go Now' is an indie-pop song based on naggingly simple keyboard chords whilst the effort by 'Folksongs For The Afterlife' is described by the name of the group alone. More typically for ambient music Portal, Phosphene and Elixir embrace beautiful 'hairs on the back of the neck' otherwordliness. Not forgetting Susie & Kate's 'Black Bendy Straws' - an impressive stab at Orbital's 'Snivilization' period -, the mad ecstatic rush of Santa Klaus' 'Electric' and the way in which Elysium On 37th outbliss The Beloved's most blissed-out moments. Phobos 3 and Innerise excel at hypnosis and Southall Riot deliver a quality impersonation of Mogwai's 'Helps Both Ways' with rugby commentary taking over from American football as the background theme. Needless to say, with so many highlights this is a far cry from the usual lazily cobbled together chill-out album.
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  CD1 Track Listing
01 Stellarscope - What U R...
02 Bassman - The Day Is Dust
03 Portal - An Open Sky
04 Pulby - Wherever We Go Now
05 Radio 9 - Kosmos
06 Phosphene - Quintessence
07 Susie & Kate - Black Bendy Straws
08 Folksongs For The Afterlife - This Is The Sound
09 The Land Of Nod - Otter
10 90 South - The Search For
Standout Track Elixir - Lullaby For Llew
12 Santa Klaus - Electric

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
01 Vagus Nerve - Cosmic Copulation
02 Elysium On 37th - Broken Bird
03 Phobos 3 - Stars Of Secrecy
04 Mileva - Skipper Trails
05 Avrocar - Ultra Bronte
06 Innerise - 1st Thought
07 Southall Riot - Rugby Players Make Good Businessmen
08 Soundsmith - Plutonian
09 Lakescene - Phono Heaven
10 Slipstream - Clouds
11 Ma Cherie For Painting - It's The Wrong Way To The Top If You Ain't Got The Blues
12 Subdock - Landscape Alligator

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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