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Yellow6 Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
The Beautiful Season Has Past

Album Reviews
For an artist so amazingly prolific, it's incredible to think that Jon Attwood managed to find time to fill 3 CD's worth of music on to his non-album projects. However, remembering that this is the man whose Catherine Whiskey "EP" alone lasted seventy minutes, we perhaps shouldn't be so surprised. 'The Beautiful Season Has Past' explores the back catalogue of his music under the Yellow6 banner and its detail and smart presentation - not to mention some stunning material - makes it an essential purchase for Attwood followers.

The first Yellow6 single, included here, displays an almost naive obsession with distortion but it didn't take long for him to master the technique of elongated guitar masterpieces, drenched in reverb and dark melody. Much of Attwood's best work revolves around the time of 2000's 'Overtone' album. This opinion is backed up by the tracks which didn't make it on to that record. 'Normalize', in particular, is described as the nearest he got to the "Bark Psychosis you can dance to" mission he always set out to achieve and that's no idle claim. Like the best instrumental records, Yellow6 music is at its best the more emotional and melancholic it becomes; 'Rain (Again)', 'Depth' and 'Part1' and 'Sodium' from the previously unreleased "Enraptured Album" touch on the deepest, darkest soul music. Other highpoints include Attwood's interpretation of labelmate Portal's 'Naming Stars' and a rare but welcome diversion into drum and bass territory on 'One'. Granted, there are moments on the 220 or so minutes contained here which sound too similar to the next track but more often than not, these previously elusive singles and compilation tracks hit on a captivating melody shift or a stunning passage of elegance. For these reasons alone, long may Attwood's journey continue.

Album Reviews
  CD1 Track Listing
01 Series1
02 Hold Up
03 Series2
04 Summersend
05 Leaving Time
06 Unknowing A
07 Unknowing B
08 Oncertain#4
09 The Room
10 Improvisation#1
11 One
12 Rain (Again)
13 Depth
Standout Track Normalize

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
01 N.Y.E.
02 Even
03 Cale
04 Self Distract
05 Light Dome II
06 Icanhear...
07 Color
08 Delivery
09 Part1
10 Sodium
11 Taught
12 Red Velvet Box

  CD3 Track Listing
01 Final Piece A
02 Final Piece B
03 Naming Stars
04 Object #1
05 Perception Received
06 Milestone
07 Machine
08 La Cave
09 Amber
10 (The First) Of Winter
11 Grey#1
12 Grey#5
13 Redlightcamera
14 Expressway427

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews
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