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Re:Cooperation Album Reviews 4out of 5
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Album Reviews
'Transcollaboration' is the result of five years of tape swapping between American James Sidlo and Welshman David Cooper Orton. With a common interest in looping techniques, the somewhat unimaginative song titles and faux-air mail packaging cover art belie a unity of great talents. The duo recognise old favourites Brian Eno and Robert Fripp as key influences but in reality some of their material is comparable to much more recent material. The opening three-part suite of 'Thing2', 'Thing3' and 'Thing4' captures the spirit of Yellow6 to a fine art through their ambient, moving textures. 'Delayed In Traffic' brilliantly distorts a fragile bassline in all directions which the likes of Rothko would be proud of. 'East Of Ealing's use of Indian rhythms bears evidence of their wider view of music as does the breakbeat and guitar twang mix of 'Between Breaks'. Rounded off by the two part title track - a stunning work of shimmering ambient effects and guitar work - there's little to fault here. At long last, proof that long distance relationships are worth pursuing, in the musical sense at least.
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  Track Listing
01 Thing2
02 Thing3
03 Thing4
04 And Then This
05 Time To Spare
06 Garage Gamelan
Standout Track Delayed In Traffic
08 There And Back And There Again
09 East Of Ealing
10 Between Breaks
11 Re:Cooperation Part One
12 Re:Cooperation Part Two
13 Texas Trees
14 Never Enough Part One
15 Never Enough Part Two

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews
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