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Yellow6 Album Reviews 4out of 5
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Melt Inside

Album Reviews
After a succession of releases on numerous record labels, Jon Attwood's Yellow6 project has done much to promote the cause of melancholic guitar soundscapes. At his very best - 2000's 'Overtone' being the prime example - he should be held in the same esteem as post-rock behemoths Bark Psychosis and Labradford in terms of emotional power. Whereas previous records have represented slight shifts and deviations in sound, 'Melt Inside' represents his bravest move yet. For Yellow6 is no longer the work of a single person but now a female singer and lyricist. Thankfully this turns out be an inspired move with Ally Todd the perfect foil for Attwood's collection of doomy atmospherics; adding an air of sensuality and vulnerability to an already successful formula.

Opening up with the mysterious 'Pacific Rough'; only one side of an apparently distressing dialogue is heard and this sets the scene for a record which is full of dark shadows and dangerous intimacy. It continues with the nightmarish 'Solone' but the defining moment is two and a half minutes in to 'Never Stay Too Long' as a huge drum sound is ushered in, Todd sounds more desperate than ever and one of Attwood's most hauntingly effective guitar figures takes hold. The only real interruption to the mood is the optimistic 'SHTLM'. Yet it's a rare bright light on an album where black is the dominant colour.

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Pacific Rough
02 Between Two
03 Solone
Standout Track Never Stay Too Long
05 As Seen From Above
07 Long Saturday
08 On Returning
09 Ten

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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