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Yellow6 Album Reviews 4out of 5
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Album Reviews
Far from being an act of seasonal folly, the Merry6mas compilations have been at least on a par with Yellow6's proper albums. The 2004 edition combines versions of his ambient instrumentals with a number of excellent remixes. Of the former, 'Loop #1' is a typically understated and moving piece; fifteen minutes of haunting, elegant guitar effects. However, it's probably trumped by the more concise '5 (Gul Sex)'. Of the remixes, Charles Atlas' 'Antiphon' reaffirms the similarities between the two outfits, AMP's 'Where Was When' sounds like a product from the Cocteau Twins' experimental 'Otherness' EP and Attwood's first remix project ever is given an airing on his version of U.C.M.'s 'Post Modern Tale', showing that even in the early days he had a knack for making downbeat and lovely noises. Perhaps the bonus inclusion of 'Wipe Out' is a little disconcerting but - like the cover shot of Attwood in Santa garb - it reveals there's a sense of humour behind the melancholy.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Loop #1
02 2 (Gul Sex)
03 5 (Gul Sex)
04 Anthiphon (Charles Atlas) Yellow6 Remix
05 Remmemory Screen (Timonium) Yellow6 Remix
Standout Track Where Was When (AMP) Yellow6 Remix
07 Post Modern Tale (U.C.M.) Yellow6 Remix
08 Falling (Turn) (Portal) Yellow6 Remix
09 Leitmotiv (McNelson's Funk'd N Bom'd Remix)
10 Dissolution
11 Intermission
12 Muten Morgonen Gor Ofta Klar Dag (Rehearsal)

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews
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