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As the record label is run entirely by the artists themselves, there is little room for prima donnas on the Make Mine Music roster. In addition, those artists are free to pursue their own vision. 'Flow' sees all the musicians involved make contributions to what is a great representation of their unique talents beginning with Schengen's 'City' which carries strong shades of Kraftwerk's 'Franz Schubert' about it. There are skittering electro-beats courtesy of Avrocar, Innerise supply studied, chill-out including the brilliant 'Mermaid Cafe' and Epic45 show their growing confidence in using their own vocals, making them the natural successors to Hood's throne. Elsewhere Portal deliver two interesting variations from last year's excellent 'Promise' album, Jon Attwood's Yellow6 project adds a previously untapped pastoral outlook to his oeuvre on 'August 26' and July Skies gorgeously recalls lost childhood with delicate guitar patterns. Though all these artists continue to plough an individual furrow, each of them manage to conjure up themes of innocence allied with a sense of darkness and mystery. As the album title indicates, there is also a seamless transition from one track to the next. Long may this small but perfectly formed label continue.
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  Track Listing
01 Schengen - City
02 Epic45 - I'm Getting Too Young For This
03 Avrocar - Cinematography
04 Innerise - Like Sunrise
05 Portal - Arion 2
06 July Skies - The Days We Played
07 Yellow6 - August 26
08 Avrocar - Served In Silence
09 Epic45 - Train To The Sea
Standout Track Innerise - Mermaid Cafe
11 July Skies - Royal Observer Corps Amongst The Norfolk Dunes
12 Portal - The Sun Will Rise (Version 2)
13 Yellow6 - Quarantine
14 Schengen - Just Lately
15 Northern Lakes - The End Of Resolute
16 Weyland - Gosh Said Jane

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Portal - Promise
Schengen - The Beijing Of Our Career
Yellow6 - Overtone, Melt Inside, Painted Sky
Album Reviews
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