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The Durutti Column Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
The Return Of The Sporadic Recordings

Album Reviews
Although the peak of his career was arguably reached in the early 80's, Vini Reilly's Durutti Column project has continued to release album after album at a prolific rate. 'The Sporadic Recordings' was orginally released in 1990 as a single CD but now comes with an additional CD's worth of material beefing up the collection to 37 tracks. Admittedly some of these tracks end before they get started; 'Silent Nite' sounds magical until it stops suddenly just two minutes in. As expected from more recent material, Reilly has expanded his sound palette to jazz ('Kind Of Love'), keyboard experiments ('For Lydia'), ambient (most of the stuff here) and even rap/hip hop on 'Vampire Business'. Nevertheless it's the more traditional Reilly material which hits the spot: '30 Oldham Street' employs a shimmering guitar figure set to what sounds like the backing track for Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn', the fluent flamenco on 'Catos Con Guantes' and that underrated, unwilling-frontman vocal on 'We Stumble'. Reilly's sleeve notes are dismissive as cuts are described as 'ridiculous tunes', 'haven't got a clue what this is supposed to be' and 'very stoned' but the listeners will know better. Of more use is how the group describe themselves as they explain their business to a customs official: avant garde jazz classical apparently.
Album Reviews
  CD1 Track Listing
01 For Soph
02 The Final Cut
03 Silent Nite
04 Smiles U Gave Away
05 Waiting 4 The Earth
06 U Didn't Need Me
07 How Do U Think It's Going To Feel?
08 Slo-Glyde
09 Returned Love
10 Catos Con Guandes
11 Vampire Business
12 Ping-Pong
13 Zinni Tune
14 I'm Nowhere
15 Only Love

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
01 Nile Opera
02 Kind Of Love
03 For Steven Patrick
Standout Track We Stumble
05 Sketch Of A Manchester Summer 1989
06 Arpeggiator II
07 Diazepam 5mgs
08 But Was I...?
09 Pol In Ab
10 Another Mirror - Another Wall
11 30 Oldham St.
12 4.10am
13 For Lydia
14 Detail For Heidi And Jodie
15 Zinni's Dance
16 PPP Version
17 For Lucy H
18 4.30am
19 It's A Bright Guilty World Part I
20 It's A Bright Guilty World Part II
21 Nile Reprise
22 Diazepam 10mgs

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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