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Bark Psychosis Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews

Album Reviews
Much has been made of Bark Psychosis' influence on the genre we now know as post rock so it's easy to forget that this group created only one - albeit classic - album. Since then - just like the oft-compared Talk Talk - their posthumous collections have outweighed their original material. 'Replay' is their third such compilation which will be followed by a brand new album from key member Graham Sutton using the Bark Psychosis name. So is 'Replay' worth the purchase? For new collectors 'Hex' and 'Game Over' would be the best places to start and the tracks featured here may already be owned by avid collectors of the band. The main selling point is the live tracks recorded at St. John's Church in London from 1991; although the vocals are virtually inaudible in the mix, the instrumentation is in good nick with the instrumental version of 'The Loom' an undoubted highlight. Of the rest, some material can be found on previous releases but extras are Rudi Tambala's (from A.R. Kane) rather unadventurous take of 'Big Shot', noise-fest first single 'Clawhammer', plus B-sides 'Reserve Shotgunman' and 'Hex' the latter of which begins with three minutes of thunderous guitar effects but then shades of light and a moving ambience takes hold. As a whole listening experience, the early part of 'Replay' concentrates on the chaotic, freeform stage of their career but by the final three tracks they had clearly perfected their understanding of the need for space, quiet-loud dynamics and the ability to make some of the most emotionally devastating music of the 20th Century. It is for these latter qualities that they should be remembered.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Clawhammer
02 By Blow
03 Nothing Feels
04 Tooled Up
05 Reserve Shotgunman
06 Murder City
07 Big Shot (Alice's Cheshire Cat Mix)
08 Hex
Standout Track The Loom
10 Manman
11 Pendulum Man
12 Bloodrush
13 All Different Things

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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