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The Lotus Eaters Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
No Sense Of Sin

Album Reviews
Some would call it music for wimps but The Lotus Eaters deserve a lot of credit for their charming way with a tune. One should imagine slightly fey vocals over a backdrop of Durutti Column-like guitar to appreciate what they were about. Until the recent new release of 'Silentspace', 1984's 'No Sense Of Sin' has remained their sole long player but such is the addictiveness of the subtle melodies on offer that much of this album sounds like a top quality best-of compilation that avoids the naffness associated with much of 80's pop. 'The First Picture Of You' was their one significant UK hit; a typically innocent pop song about young love but with follow-ups of the strength of 'Out On Your Own', 'German Girl' and 'Can You Keep A Secret' it seems unfair that they were unable to build on their initial success. One fault that coud be levelled at 'No Sense Of Sin' is the production which involved three separate producers so whilst the likes of 'Two Virgins Tender' and 'Endless' retain their subtle guitar melodies, 'Alone Of All Her Sex' is almost buried by the the thudding drums unlike their earlier Peel Session versions whose stark intensity and beauty made them essential listening. A modern day comparison for the duo would be Travis's 'The Invisible Band' which revealed another group whose forte was subtle, understated pop music. The Lotus Eaters, together with the similarly unfashionable China Crisis, sound more relevant today than ever, purely for their songwriting craft.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 German Girl
02 Love Still Flows
03 Can You Keep A Secret
Standout Track Out On Your Own
05 Put Your Touch On Love
06 Set Me Apart
07 You Fill Me With Need
08 The First Picture Of You
09 Alone Of All Her Sex
10 It Hurts
11 You Don't Need Someone New
12 Two Virgins Tender
13 My Happy Dream
14 The Evidence
15 Endless
16 Soul In Sparks
17 Church At Llanbadrig
18 The Lotus Eaters
19 Out On Your Own (12" Version)

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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