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Piano Magic Album Reviews 4out of 5
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Not since the early 80's has there been a group with a World War I fixation; those who remember B Movie are unlikely to associate it with good music either. Through the course of the album, Piano Magic manage to travel back in time with great dignity and musicianship. Lyrically they come across as a contemporary Wilfred Owen, conjuring up imagery and metaphor a-plenty on 'The Index' in particular ("The typewriter smack as you nail in the words" and "Your Spanish guitar pins the bed to the floor") whilst 'No Closure' aims for gritty realism ("I am the dead bird on the gravel. Neck snapped by last night's North Westerly"). The music itself is generally slow-paced, helped along its way by echoey vocals and cello with military drums book-ending the album. On 'Return To The Sea' and 'You & John Are Birds' the sound is dream-like, but on the other side of the coin, 'Password' is a rare concession to modern alternative music with its nagging grunge-like guitars. In summary, this is a wonderfully, atmospheric album whose chosen subject matter evokes tragedy and beauty from a war where so many lives were lost unnecessarily.
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  Track Listing
01 (1.16)
02 No Closure
03 A Return To The Sea
04 (1.22)
05 You & John Are Birds
06 The Index
07 (1.50)
08 Century Schoolbook
09 Password
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Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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