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Piano Magic Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic

Album Reviews
A definite return to form for Glen Johnson and his band. Previous album 'Writers Without Homes' had its moments but lost cohesion via its over-use of outside collaborators. This time Piano Magic have stuck with a core group of musicians and retreated to the relative obscurity of little-know Spanish label Green UFOs. As it turns out the back-to-basics approach has paid dividends; very few bands have mastered the art of leaden-paced laments in such an articulate and emotionally expressive way. 'Speed The Road, Rush The Lights' benefits from crisp percussion, moving keyboard washes and Glen Johnson's reliably cool vocals and it ends with an inspired sonic assault. There are poignant character studies like 'I'm A The Teacher's Son' featuring lyrics laced with pathos and tragedy ("Wrote a novel in my twenties, though it never left my head") and the climax to 'To When I'm Done, This Night Will Fear Me' matches the Cocteau Twins for effects-laden euphoria. Pleasingly their choice of sole "outsider" help, Angèle David-Guillou, is an inspired one, her pure vocals providing a great foil for Johnson and it is her plaintive tones which make 'Comets' the album's most outstandingly beautiful moment. Easily Piano Magic's best effort since the outstanding 'Artists' Rifles'.
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  Track Listing
01 Saint Marie
02 The Unwritten Law
03 Speed The Road, Rush The Lights
04 Help Me Warm This Frozen Heart
05 I Am The Teacher's Son
06 The End Of A Dark, Tired Year
07 The Tollbooth Martyrs
08 When I'm Done, The Night Will Fear Me
09 Luxembourg Gardens
Standout Track Comets

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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