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July Skies Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Dreaming Of Spires

Album Reviews
Rather disappointingly, Slowdive decided to call it a day after 1995's splendid 'Pygmalion'. Some seven years after its release, the closest thing to a follow-up was created by a surveyor called Anthony Harding, one half of electronica duo Avrocar but this time recording under the name of July Skies. For those unfamiliar with this niche genre, it involves guitar patterns played at glacial levels of speed with plenty of echo and usually offset by whispering vocals. The opening 'Coastal Stations' is stunning with Harding's frail timbre adding a wistful, dream-like essence to a weather report. 'Garden Constellations' is similarly gorgeous, the guitars build in layers whilst the vocal samples make an emotive connection that is almost religious. Other tracks such as the chiming innocence of 'The Softest Kisses' and 'Southern Orchards' resemble soundtracks to lost animated childrens programmes whilst 'So Sad Today' reflects Piano Magic and their most endearing. Just in case there was any doubt, 'Dreaming Of Spires' is a record enveloped in sadness but it is a sadness that possesses a hopefulness and a longing to see the landscapes and historical buildings this music so eloquently evokes.
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  Track Listing
01 Coastal Stations
02 Swallows And Sweets
03 The Night Sky
Standout Track Garden Constellations
05 Coastlines And Laughter
06 To Love You Blossom
07 The Softest Kisses
08 So Sad Today
09 Corinivm
10 East Kennet Skies
11 Southern Orchards
12 The Ruined And Disused Churches Of Norfolk

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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