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A Wish On A Star: A Dreamy Records Compilation

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'A Wish On A Star' is the second in the series of compilations celebrating one of the most inventive of independent record labels. 'A Wish...' arguably contains less variety; much of the first half is made up of lo-fi countrified rock with the odd dash of electronic experimentation; highlights arriving on Broken Dog's 'I'll Think Of It Today' and Flare's 'Some Words On Parting', a stately miniature epic. Current sadcore favourites Rivulets also impress with a demo of 'Swans' that ushers in a new Nick Drake for the 21st Century. Unusually the best tracks are collected together at the end of the album; S. Motel's Èl Records pastiche 'King's Parade' and Stars On The Water's 'Making Up Is Hard To Do' is Radiohead's 'Let Down' on a budget with its mesmerising, winding guitar lines and vocal interplay. Add to this The Witch Hazel Sound's gorgeous 'The Man Who Invented California' and (the Real) Tuesday Weld's 'The Birds And The Bees' and you have yet more bands who make their label name all the more apt.
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  Track Listing
01 (The Real) Tuesday Weld - The Return Of The Clerkenwell Kid
02 Santa Sprees - Back In Yr Pram
03 M Ward - I'll Be Yr Bird
04 Broken Dog - I'll Think Of It Today
05 Dudley Klute - Caribou
06 Graham - Jezebel Blue
07 Flare - Some Words On Parting
08 Jamie Owen - Some Breezes (Demo)
09 Rivulets - Swans (Demo)
10 Silver Springs - Toledo
11 Ursula - Mi Ilegada
12 Arco - Stream (Live)
13 Summer Hymns - Trolling On The Lake
14 S. Hotel - King's Parade
15 Cole Marquis - Criminal
Standout Track The Witch Hazel Sound - The Man Who Invented California
17 Stars On The Water - Making Up Is Hard To Do
18 Santa Sprees - Make Room
19 Izumi Misawa - Serenity
20 (The Real) Tuesday Weld - The Birds And The Bees

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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(The Real) Tuesday Weld - When Cupid Meets Psyche, I, Lucifer
Various Artists - Head In The Clouds
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