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Head In The Clouds

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When the most famous artists on a compilation album (from Dreamy records) are a band of Scott Walker wannabes like Jacques (perhaps more familiar to alternative fans as Jack), you realise that none of this material will have been heard by most listeners. However, people who like taking risks when seeking out unheard material should feel extremely privileged on listening to the delights on offer here. The Dreamy Records sound is generally quiet, melancholy singing over strumming guitars or subtle synthesizers. The menu on offer is extremely strong but tracks to pick out would be 'Why Must You Feel So Sad' by the Autumn Leaves (their Web site is which sounds like a lost 60's classic by The Walker Brothers and Arco's '20,000 Feet' a heart-breaking song containing sad bassoon parts. Whether any of these bands will ever be heard on a greater level would be interesting to see.
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  Track Listing
01 Jacques Featuring Kirk Lake - You Don't Get It Now But You Will
02 Jamie Owen - Graffiti Truck
03 Santa Sprees - I Wish I'd Been An Extra In Dawn Of The Dead
04 Graham - I Wish
05 Izumi Misawa - Meet Me At The Brilliant Eclipse
06 Arco - 20000 Ft
07 Ninotchka - The Sea Blinks Back
Standout Track The Autumn Leaves - Why Must You Feel So Sad
09 Graham - As Time Keeps Ticking By
10 Ninian Hawick - The Minch
11 Santa Sprees - Die Helpende Hond
12 Chris Starling - Tender
13 Fariña - Twilight Of The Empire
14 Ninian Hawick - Scottish Rite Temple Stomp
15 The Autumn Leaves - The Everlasting Sun Castle
16 White Hotel - Twinkle
17 Izumi Misawa - Léna
18 Arco - Sleep
19 Kirk Lake - Last Night At The Sands
20 Kirk Lake - One For Sinatra, One For The Road

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Arco - Coming To Terms, Restraint
Fariña - Three People, Allotments
Jacques - To Stars
(The Real) Tuesday Weld - When Cupid Meets Psyche, I, Lucifer
Various Artists - A Wish On A Star
Various Artists - The Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm
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