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Joy Division Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Preston 28 February 1980

Album Reviews
Arguably the brightest phoenix to arise from the flame of punk were the Manchester area's finest, Joy Division. Despite singer Ian Curtis's suicide all of twenty years ago, the amount of posthumous material arising from such a short career appears never-ending. This recording from Preston has been referred to as one of their most infamous concerts so it is all the more surprising, therefore, that it is a riveting show throughout. All is going well in the concert until three songs in when suddenly the guitar and bass sounds fall away completely. Whilst guitarist/keyboardist Bernard Sumner calls the sound man for help, Curtis is suddenly left in an embarrassing situation which prompts him to admit that the band have 'some technical problems' and even jokingly attempts to ask the audience for "Any requests?". It is during these problems that perhaps the real collector's item of this concert is to be found as 'The Eternal' gets a rare live appearance; Curtis just accompanied by Sumner's keyboard and Stephen Morris's minimalist drumming; althought not as ground-breakingly brilliant as the sublime version of the album, the effect the band produce whilst their music is falling apart is a joy to behold. Elsewhere there are excellent versions of 'Disorder', 'Colony' and (until the problems) 'Twenty Four Hours' whilst the evening ends with Curtis's song about his epilepsy, 'She's Lost Control', although on this occasions the band lost control but there is beauty to behold in failure such as this.
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  Track Listing
01 Incubation
02 Wilderness
Standout Track Twenty Four Hours
04 The Eternal
05 Heart And Soul
06 Shadowplay
07 Transmission
08 Disorder
09 Warsaw
10 Colony
11 Interzone
12 She's Lost Control

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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