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Colder Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews

Album Reviews
Though hundreds of groups can justifiably claim that Joy Division were a prime influence on their sound, few can claim - apart from New Order of course - that they knew where the group were headed next before Ian Curtis departed. However, Frenchman Marc Nguyen Tan AKA Colder has successfully cultivated a skeletal funk sound where not only does he croon like Ian Curtis but the drum sound pulls off the rare trick of imitating Stephen Morris' style; a trick perfected on 'Crazy Love', 'Where' and 'Version'; three of the outstanding cuts on Colder's debut album. Although Colder clearly regards 1980 as the year zero for music the stark, unfussy production sounds bang up-to-date. Those expecting an uninvolving, austere listen will be glad to hear that 'Confusion' is actually quite soulful and 'This River's descending piano chords is mysterious rather than depressing; additionally Tan intersperses songs with radio dialogue adding a further degree of humanity to proceedings. The DVD backs up the sound with minimalist videos to accompany the sonic experience so we see an animated Curtis-lookalike run endlessly on 'Crazy Love' and 'This River' focuses on a shadowy figure slowly disappearing under the sun. An album whose ideas may sound tried and tested on paper will surely be hailed as one of the albums of the year.
Album Reviews
  CD Track Listing
Standout Track Crazy Love
02 Confusion
03 One Night In Tokyo
04 Shiny Star
05 Version
06 Silicone Sexy
07 Where
08 This River
09 Colder

Standout Track = Standout Track

  DVD Track Listing
01 The Untitled Minute And A Half
02 Crazy Love
03 This River
04 Version
05 Where
06 Colder

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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