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Lowlife Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews

Album Reviews
By the time of the third Lowlife album, two pivotal events had occured in the band's career. Firstly, there was the departure of guitarist Stuart Everest and then the decision was taken to become a non-singles act. So whilst the former revelation was a great loss for his distinctive guitar work, the latter choice made perfect sense given that Lowlife's brooding, slow-burning style was hardly likely to trouble the charts. 'Godhead' is in many ways a transitional record and one which - whilst never a classic - still contains its fair share of gothic melodrama.

'Marjory's Dream' employs their usual gifts of spidery melody whilst the Bunnymen-esque 'River Of Woe' and grandiose 'I The Cheated' also impress. 'Missing The Kick' is possibly indicative of a willingness to lighten their material a little to make it more accessable. Yet what really adds value to this reissue is the inclusion of five tracks from a the rare 'Black Sessions' promo, which was originally limited to a mere 250 copies. On here, the stripped down demos seem to be in their perfect setting as 'Moved To Tears' exposes the tenderness beneath the often overtly masculine nature of their music. In fact, on all of the five demos, the simple echoed production lends Craig Lorenton's voice a new resonance and fragility which, in hindsight, they really should have made more of. Still, although Lowlife's overall form appeared to have gone past its peak, there's much to admire here for fans of those other lovelorn musicians Breathless.

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 In Thankful Hands
02 Where I Lay, I'll Lie
03 Marjory's Dream
04 I Don't Talk To Me
05 Drowning Leaves
06 Bittersweet
07 River Of Woe
08 I The Cheated
09 Missing The Kick
10 Forever Filthy
11 Neverending Shroud
12 The Beggar's Burning Bush (Demo)
Standout Track Moved To Tears (Demo)
14 Acrid Tongue (Demo)
15 River Of Woe (Demo)
16 Where I Lay, I'll Lie (Demo)

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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Album Reviews
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