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King Of Woolworths Album Reviews 4out of 5
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L'Illustration Musicale

Album Reviews
In a rare example of a Radio 1 DJ getting it right, Mary-Anne Hobbs deserves some praise for promoting the otherwise unknown King Of Woolworths. Jon Brooks' debut under that title turned out to be one of the best of 2001; an eclectic, original mix of inspired sampling, breakbeats and chill-out. It could be argued that the follow-up takes less risks. Certainly, on initial hearing - particularly 'Sell Me Back My Soul' with Dot Allison as guest vocalist - it is comparable to easy listening giants Air's early work. G-Plan sounds like a homage to the Mission Impossible theme which has been done to death already. However, four tracks in and Brooks finds his feet again with 'Hub 100' a brilliantly moody breakbeat piece that manages to be both nightmarish and tuneful. Serge Gainsbourg would have been proud of 'Evelsong' which is pure bliss-out perfection. Another homage is made to BBC Radiophonic Workshop mainstay Delia Derbyshire on a minimalist track that bears her name. One vocalist who seems to be growing in stature all the time is the Delgados' Emma Pollock; it is she who proves to be the most inspired guest on the record. The most pleasing moment all is saved to the end as the lovely instrumental 'This Is Radio Theydon' exemplifies the album's aim of being an easy listening album that requires the listener's full attention to be truly appreciated
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  Track Listing
01 G-Plan
02 Montparnasse
03 Sell Me Back My Soul
04 Hub 100
05 Evelsong
06 123 (Brillo's Beat)
07 Delia Derbyshire
08 Nuada
09 A12
Standout Track This Is Radio Theydon

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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