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Team Kitty-Yo 1994-2004

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Ten years is a long time for an independent record label and Kitty-Yo celebrate this fact with a two-CD set. It doesn't seem like half a decade since the Freischwimmer five year compilation but in that time it seems that the Berlin-based label has further enhanced its electronica and hip hop roster and this being a collection of unreleased and exclusive tracks, it's doubly impressive that the quality level rarely drops. There's room for bedsit melancholia (Richard Davis, Tarwater), German-spoken hip-hop (Kante and Laub), Portishead-type meldodrama (Louie Austen) and some excellent instrumentals (Spyritual, Rechenzentrum). Yet it's hard to know whether Jimi Tenor's super-seedy 'Going For The Gold' is intentionally funny or not. But with such a varied and talented bunch of artists, what price a twenty-year celebration in 2014?
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  CD1 Track Listing
01 Sex In Dallas And Biladoll - Wir Sind Nicht Romantiques
02 Richard Davis - Unrealistic Or The Truth
03 Taylor Savvy - Treat Him Like A Lady (Sometimes)
04 Spyritual - Offtune Soulseeds
05 Raz Ohara - Hymn (Hardman Remix)
Standout Track Tarwater - Her Body Is Alive
07 Maximilian Hecker - Help Me
08 Jimi Tenor - Going For The Gold
09 Litwinenko - Funk Limited
10 Rhythm King And Her Friends - Fifteen
11 Rechenzentrum - Der See
12 Gold Chains & Sue Cie - Crowd Control
13 Jay Haze - Appreciate (Feat. Dexter)
14 Kante - Baron Samedi

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 Track Listing
01 Laub - Gonzales Wake.Up.Remix
02 Kante - Im Ersten Licht (Mr. Bird & Partner)
03 Rhythm King And Her Friends - Get Paid Remix By RKAHF
04 Peaches And Gonzales - Hot Pink Hot Sex
05 Preed - Brooka Toira Noi
06 Gonzales - Gonna Get Off Right Away II
07 Louie Austen - Danger (Feat. Shake)
08 Raz Ohara - Where Is My Mind
09 Tarwater - Doppelgänger
10 Sex In Dallas - Lost In La Playa
11 Rechenzentrum - Planet Janet
12 To Rococo Rot - Testfeld

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Album Reviews
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To Rococo Rot - Hotel Morgen
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