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Prefab Sprout Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Andromeda Heights

Album Reviews
Released originally two years ago, some seven years after the preceding album - the superb quasi-concept album, 'Jordan The Comeback' - 'Andromeda Heights' received a mixed response. Firstly, the album is rather short considering that the main man in the group, Paddy McAloon has confessed to writing a song a day; secondly the album may be too 'nice' for some ears; no risks are taken and the whole sounds like a (admittedly very fine) soundtrack to a slushy movie. However, Prefab Sprout have never been described as cutting edge; instead McAloon concentrates on addictive melodies and dreamy romanticism rather than being fashionable. As expected, then, there are many memorable songs on this album not least the dramatic 'Prisoner Of The Past' (the title of which epitomises their attitude to music, that of writing old-fashioned songs with songs you keep coming back to) with its Phil Spectoresque arrangement and the simple brilliance of songs like 'Swans', 'Anne Marie', 'Weightless' and the 'Mystery Of Love' which all contribute to the general idea of a man who is in love. Definitely an album this reviewer has been coming back to several times since its original release.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Electric Guitars
Standout Track Prisoner Of The Past
03 The Mystery Of Love
04 Life's A Miracle
05 Anne Marie
06 Whoever You Are
07 Steal Your Thunder
08 Avenue Of Stars
09 Swans
10 The Fifth Horseman
11 Weightless
12 Andromeda Heights

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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