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Mystery Jets Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Making Dens

Album Reviews
The prospect of another young art-rock band on the music scene is a potentially worrying idea, which often leads to music that is too reverential to other acts and hamstrung by its own lack of focus and inexperience. The Mystery Jets beg to differ in several key areas. For one, they have a senior figure in their ranks with bassist Henry Harrison actually the father of vocalist/keyboard player Blaine. Even more importantly, they don't really sound like anyone else at the moment but come across as an infectiously enthusiastic young band who simply enjoy making music.

Their first single, 'Zootime', is not really representative of the album as a whole, though it remains a chaotically great, almost wholly instrumental number which is informed (but not directly influenced) by the 1970's experimental rock scene. Their stock-in trade seems to be crazily melodic rock music, enhanced by some passionate singing and a distinctly British eccentricity. 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis' and 'The Boy Who Ran Away' showcase their likeable and populist approach, making them obvious choices for follow-up singles. Other material contained here is less immediate but arguably more rewarding; 'Purple Prose' and 'A Bag Of Hair' seem initially awkward but their odd, skewed melodies eventually win over the listener. So overall, what might appear to be a posh group of pretentous London boys actually turn out to be a likeable bunch of musicians, fond of experiment but always full of heart.

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Introduction
02 You Can't Fool Me Dennis
Standout Track Purple Prose
04 Soluble In Air
05 The Boy Who Ran Away
06 Summertime Den
07 Horse Drawn Cart
08 Zootime
09 Little Bag Of Hair
10 Diamond In The Dark
11 Alas Agnes
12 Making Dens

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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