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The Comsat Angels Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
My Minds Eye

Album Reviews
The Comsat Angels' frontman Steve Fellows picks out 1992's 'My Minds Eye' as the favourite of their albums. It's an interesting choice given that it was recorded eleven years after their debut. More intriguingly still, for all the new wave, post-punk and synth pop of their earlier years, 'My Mind's Eye' is essentially a straight rock album. It even sounded a little out of time when it was released, particularly so given that contemporaries New Order and U2 were embracing acid house and electro-rock respectively. Nevertheless it's a fine record; full of great songs and the ideal response to the fallow period of the mid to late-80s.

Now with a slightly changed running order (the original was designed for vinyl release), the songs can be roughly split into two categories. Firstly there's the straight ahead rockers encompassing 'Driving', 'Beautiful Monster' and 'Route 666' whilst the title track is the most aggressive The Comsats sounded since incendiary early single 'The Red Planet'. Yet it's the haunting synth driven songs which deliver the most outstanding results: 'Shiva Descending' features the most beautifully melancholic melody and its well backed up by 'Mystery Plane' and 'I Come From The Sun'; all shifting percussion and strange haunting tunes. The bonus tracks aren't bad either, with at least one excellent B-side (the A-side quality 'Magonia whilst the Charlatans-like 'Too Much Time' runs it close) and the original mixes of 'Driving' and 'Field Of Tall Flowers'. Ultimately, it's the album itself which stands out though and this is the sound of a band getting a creative rebirth and clearly enjoying every minute of recording the experience.

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Driving (Alt Mix)
02 Always Near
03 Beautiful Monster
Standout Track Shiva Descending
05 My Minds Eye
06 I Come From The Sun
07 Field Of Tall Flowers (Acc Mix)
08 Route 666
09 Mystery Plane
10 And All The Stars
11 Magonia (B-side)
12 Too Much Time (B-side)
13 There Is No Enemy (B-side)
14 My Minds Eye (The Wind, The Bass, The Drums)
15 Field Of Tall Flowers (Original Mix)
16 Driving (Original Mix)

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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