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Cocteau Twins Album Reviews 5out of 5
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Head Over Heels

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One of those records that demands to be played loud to be appreciated, if only to hear all the incredible sounds that Robin Guthrie and Liz Frazer created together, 'Head Over Heels' bore witness to a remarkable transition from sombre post-punk plodders to sonic innovators. This time - instead of sounding like other bands - they created the influences rather than drawing on others', although 'In Our Angelhood' is a fine piece of Siouxsie-esque dark pop. The sound in the middle of the album is quite awesome with the crashing rhythms of 'Glass Candle Grenades', and in 'In The Gold Dust Rush'. Lurking around the corner is 'The Tinderbox (Of A Heart) where beneath the layers of distorted guitar lay a moving, elegant melody of an almost classical persuasion. The only disappointment arrives in the rather limp 'Multifoiled' but the immense 'My Love Paramour' and 'Musette And Drums' bring about a powerful closure. Also included is the 'Sunburst And Snowblind EP'; an early indication of their pop-centric approach which would serve them well in years to come. Of these extra tracks 'From The Flagstones' - a bright, brilliant contrast to the distortion of yore - is particularly magnificent. Yet 'Head Over Heels' is a definitive reminder of how their darker side was just as vital as their later incarnations.
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  Track Listing
01 When Mama Was Moth
02 Five Ten Fiftyfold
03 Sugar Hiccup
04 In Our Angelhood
05 Glass Candle Grenades
06 In The Gold Dust Rush
Standout Track The Tinderbox (Of A Heart)
08 Multifoiled
09 My Love Paramour
10 Musette And Drums
11 Sugar Hiccup
12 From The Flagstones
13 Hitherto
14 Because Of Whirl-Jack

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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