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The Chameleons Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Why Call It Anything

Album Reviews
A mere 15 years after their last one, The Chameleons re-emerge from solo projects, off-shoots and generally not doing much musically, to deliver a proper album. Sensibly sticking to their original line-up this is one of the occasions where a mid-80s revival is worthwhile and there are a few tracks here which wouldn't be put to shame on their brilliant compilation album 'Return Of The Roughnecks'. 'Anyone Alive' is fairly conventional by their standards but still oozes the same kind of class which contemporaries Comsat Angels were capable of at their peak. 'Lufthansa' is superb - featuring Reg Smithies' guitar figures at their most beguiling - there's also a notable improvement in Mark Burgess's vocals which are much clearer now and resemble a foghorn much less than they used to. Tellingly for every less adventurous moment like 'All Around' and 'Are You Still There' (a gentle but inconsequential piano instrumental) there's shades of the old creativity like 'Dangerous' and most impressively 'Miracles And Wonders' inevitably featuring Smithies' spectral guitar sound but this time accompanied by Eastern chanting that expands their palette from post-punk to world music. Few bands from their era could produce an album as good as this comeback even back then but 'Why Call It Anything' sounds remarkably fresh.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Shades
02 Anyone Alive?
03 Indiana
Standout Track Lufthansa
05 Truth Isn't Truth Anymore
06 All Around
07 Dangerous Land
08 Music In THe Womb
09 Miracles And Wonders
10 Are You Still There?

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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