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Boards Of Canada Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews

Album Reviews
So many artists in the field of electronic music choose to hide behind odd monikers as if to develop some kind of enigmatic persona to make them seem somehow more interesting. The real skill of course is to create some kind of mystery in the music that's created; some unique, subversive twist to separate the wheat from the chaff. Scotland's Boards Of Canada have achieved both feats and 'Geogaddi' prolongs the myth still further. Through 23 tracks in 66 minutes, the talented duo of Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison have made one of the most captivating ambient/electronic albums ever. Short intervals separate the longer tracks and they neatly segue from one mood to another. For example towards the end of the album 'Dawn Chorus' sounds bright and hopeful but 'You Can Hear The Sky' counters the joy with a much more haunted feel. 'Gyroscope' is full of clipped beats and distorted child/child-like vocals and '1969' excels with its winning combination of swirling ambient effects and anguished vocal loops. There aren't too many artists around whose work is comparable to Boards Of Canada's compelling music, but those who enjoyed Radiohead's more considered moments on their last two albums might well appreciate 'Geogaddi'; in fact this is arguably a much more cohesive and seamless affair, minus the harsh, artful trickery of Thom Yorke and co. The word 'otherwordly' is too often used to describe music but in fact it's quite conceivable that this album was recorded by beings from another planet.
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  Track Listing
01 Ready Lets Go
02 Music Is Math
03 Beware The Friendly Stranger
04 Gyroscope
05 Dandelion
06 Sunshine Recorder
07 In The Annexe
08 Julie And Candy
09 The Smallest Weird Number
Standout Track 1969
11 Energy Warning
12 The Beach At Redpoint
13 Opening The Mouth
14 Alpha And Omega
15 I Saw Drones
16 The Devil Is In The Details
17 A Is To B As B Is To C
18 Over The Horizon Radar
19 Dawn Chorus
20 Diving Station
21 You Could Feel The Sky
22 Corsair
23 Magic Window

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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