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Good Vibrations - Bedroom Ambience 4

Album Reviews
Silver Apples can justifiably claim to be one of the most important artists in the formation of electronic music as we know it. In two ways, it is their influences which dominates this fourth incarnation in Enraptured Records' 'Bedroom Ambience' series. Firstly, some of these artists probably wouldn't even have made music without the work of Simeon Coxe and Dan Taylor, and secondly, each track featured on this compilation is separated by a segment of an interview with Simeon. Unfortunately, however fascinating Coxe's tales of his upbringing, music and art projects are, even his most ardent of fans will be tempted to skip to the next music track once the interview has been heard once; ideally this interview could have formed a useful reference point on a second CD or even at the end of the single CD. As for the music itself, the quality quotient is some way off the previous 'Audio Wonderland' collection in which many of the already-established performers contributed some of their best work. Amongst a number of bedroom studio boffins there are several shining diamonds worth mentioning: Ampop deliver ambient warmth, Monokini recall 1990-vintage 808 State, The Workhouse reliably work up their usual guitar storm and The Exile marry 60's cinema to their own inventive electronica. Flawed though the project may be it is still well worth investigation; introducing, as ever, many hitherto unknown artists that may yet achieve greater success.
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  Track Listing
01 Monokini - High Falutin'
02 Interview Segment
Standout Track Ampop - January
04 Interview Segment
05 Special Benny - Children Are Cruel
06 Interview Segment
07 Ninja Mind Control - Anthem
08 Interview Segment
09 Sunray - Song For Brion Gysin
10 Interview Segment
11 David J Duckworth - Quieter Times Ahead
12 Interview Segment
13 Hyperex Machina - Shuffle-Repeat
14 Interview Segment
15 Workhouse - Strawberry
16 Interview Segment
17 Silver Apples - Snakebite
18 Interview Segment
19 The Exile - A Room With Three Windows
20 Interview Segment
21 Data 70 - Ancient To The Future
22 Interview Segment
23 Ramp - Yellow Cake
24 Interview Segment
25 Ojn - All Roads Roam To Leeds

Standout Track = Standout Track

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Album Reviews
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