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Pulp Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
Pulped - 83-92

Album Reviews
It is well documented that it took Pulp over ten years to receive the popular vote and before then they were just another set of indie no-hopers. This boxed set of their early work demonstrates why. That's not to say the music on offer here is of poor quality; indeed, some of it is excellent; it's just that some of the lyrical themes on offer in addition to Jarvis Cocker's constantly brooding voice was never destined to be appreciated by the masses. The first album clocks in at just over half an hour; it is a little too light and unassuming at times but 'Blue Girls' in particular benefits from this. Its follow up, from 1987, 'Freaks' is certainly the most distubing; 'Fairground' features the laughter of a madman and is sung for once by guitarist Russell Senior and titles like 'Being Followed Home' and 'They Suffocate At Night' convey the horror themes on offer; 'I Want You' stands out as Cocker seems to be breaking down in tears as he sings over a mournful melody. Interestingly, 'Anorexic Beauty' appears to be a love letter to the now-deceased former child-star, Lena Zavaroni. 1992's 'Separations' saw another change in direction, this time towards (but not actually achieving) stardom. 'My Legendary Girlfriend' and 'Countdown' certainly deserved more than their indie cult status deserved. The last CD concentrates on singles of which Cocker's ode to his mother, 'Little GIrl (With Blue Eyes)' stands out.
Album Reviews
  CD1 (It) Track Listing
01 My Lighthouse
02 Wishful Thinking
03 Joking Aside
04 Boats And Trains
Standout Track Blue Girls
06 Love Love
07 In Many Ways
08 Looking For Life

Standout Track = Standout Track

  CD2 (Freaks) Track Listing
01 Fairground
02 I Want You
03 Being Followed Home
04 Master Of The Universe
05 Life Must Be So Wonderful
06 There's No Emotion
07 Anorexic Beauty
08 The Neverending Story
09 Don't You Know
10 They Suffocate At Night

  CD3 (Separations) Track Listing
01 Love Is Blind
02 Don't You Want Me Anymore?
03 She's Dead
04 Separations
05 Down By The River
06 Countdown
07 My Legendary Girlfriend
08 Death II
09 This House Is Condemned

  CD4 (Masters Of The Universe) Track Listing
01 Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
02 Simultaneous
03 Blue Glow
04 The Will To Power
05 Dogs Are Everywhere
06 The Mark Of The Devil
07 97 Lovers
08 Aborigine
09 Goodnight
10 They Suffocate At Night
11 Tunnel
12 Master Of The Universe Sanitised Version
13 Manon

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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