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La Vida

Album Reviews
Mus remain one of the most fascinating of bands. Although they herald from Spain, this group sing in the ancient romantic language of Asturian. Added to the mystique is the quiet haunting nature of the arrangements. On what is being predicted as their last album together, though, there's a noticeable change of direction. Mus have really lightened up.

The new sound is apparent two tracks in as 'Cantares De Ciegu' sashays in; only the foreign language is a reminder that this isn't a British act presenting a fey, folk-pop song; think of The Field Mice crossed with more modern post-shoegazer acts such as Fiel Garvie. Several songs follow a similar formula and 'Una Sábana Al Vientu' even uses synth washes to get its gentle message across. The disadvantage though, is this removes the magic and mystery so prevalent in their earlier work. Unusually, the second half of the record is more edifying than the first. The spare 'Que Me Oscuree' and 'Les Patinadores' are more like the Mus which made them special, the delicate country guitar melody underpinning 'Dulce Amor' is another great moment, whilst 'Una Estación Xelada' is embellished by understated strings. If this is to be their swansong then, it's a slightly disappointing way to end but towards the end of 'La Vida', at least Mus redeem what could have been a fairly undistinguished send-off.

Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Per Tierres Baxes
02 Cantares De Ciegu
03 Que Me Oscurece
04 Una Ventana Con Iluz
05 La Vida
06 Animas Del Purgatoriu
07 Una Sábana Al Vientu
Standout Track Dulce Amor
09 Les Patinadores
10 Perdieron Y La Tierra
11 Una Estación Xelada
12 Ańada Pal Primer Mes

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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