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A Houseguest's Wish - Translations Of Wire's 'Outdoor Miner'

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Enjoyment of a record which contains nineteen variations of one song is largely dependent on how good the song is and how varied those variations are. Thankfully the intrepretations of Wire's 'Outdoor Miner' cover a wide range of genres although there are probably one too many Low-wannabes who succeed only in reducing the original's angularity and brevity to a leaden-paced dirge. This being an independent record label, the names chosen range between the reasonably well known to the not very well known at all. In the former category ex-Swervedriver man Adam Franklin forgoes his FX-pedal abusing past to play an acoustic tribute, girlie grunge types Lush have their sprightly version from 1991 exhumed and Flying Saucer Attack's 1995 offering adds a customary wind tunnel approach. Yet its the relatively new names who add the most value; choosing to take risks rather than play safe. The Meeting Places harder-edged guitars stand out, as do Fiel Garvie's distorted deconstruction of the original and Should offer the sole - and rather splendid - instrumental cover. Listening to the same song for an hour could have been a slog but there's enough maverick touches present to make the experience a worthwhile yet respectful one.
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  Track Listing
01 Adam Franklin
02 Titania
03 Kick On The Floods
04 Timonium
05 Polar
06 Typewriter
07 Fiel Garvie
08 Lush
09 Experimental Aircraft
10 Above The Orange Trees
11 Christian Kiefer
12 Flying Saucer Attack
13 Boy Division
14 Sharron Kraus
15 The Meeting Places
16 Laura Waiting
Standout Track Should
18 The Sems
19 Junetile

Standout Track = Standout Track

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Album Reviews
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