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China Crisis Album Reviews 4out of 5
Album Reviews
Diary - A Collection

Album Reviews
Frequently overlooked in the analyses of 80's pop bands, China Crisis are possibly the least-remembered of all the groups that take part in the 'Here And Now' tour. Yet - as is often the case - the Liverpool duo of Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon had the strength of songwriting and mystique which make their music stand out from their more image-conscious contemporaries. Steely Dan's Walter Becker realised this, producing two of their albums. Whilst many will doubtlessly remember the singles which bookend this compilation (the light pop of 'Black Man Ray' and the wistful 'Wishful Thinking') there were many other strings to their bow. Debut single 'Christian' possesses a quiet majesty at odds with the chart music of 1982, 'Blue Sea' aches with a glistening, faraway beauty and the lovely, pastoral 'Here Comes A Raincloud' completes a trio of songs rich in texture and deeply moving. Their latter days proved less fruitful but the romantic 'Hampton Beach' and the mature, acoustic 'Diary Of A Hollow Horse' show that there was more to them than elegant keyboard washes. Very rarely given the respect they deserved, this fine band along with fellow Liverpudlians The Lotus Eaters produced some of the finest, fragrant pop music of a generation.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
01 Black Man Ray
02 Animalistic (A Day At The Zoo Mix)
03 Hampton Beach
04 Red Letter Day
05 Diary Of A Hollow Horse (Acoustic)
06 Strength Of Character
07 When The Piper Calls
08 Christian
09 A Golden Handshake For Every Daughter
10 Hanna Hanna
11 African And White
Standout Track Here Comes A Raincloud
13 King In A Catholic Style (Wake Up)
14 Blue Sea
15 Tragedy And Mystery
16 Wishful Thinking

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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