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Joy Division Album Reviews 5out of 5
Album Reviews
Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979

Album Reviews
Joy Division are quite regardly as the ultimate post-punk group; their relatively limited output will probably never be bettered. In recent years the number of reissues continues apace and the latest in a string of live sets reaches its peak with the release of 'Les Bains Douches'in Paris from 18 December 1979. 'Disorder' is one of a few tracks on here which actually surpasses the album version. Played at breakneck speed it is a miracle how Stephen Morris manages to maintain the rhythm and on 'Transmission' he repeats the feat. Elsewhere the version of 'Insight' coaxes a searing guitar from Bernard Sumner. The only flawed moment occurs on 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' whose keyboard motif is almost laughably off-key but efforts like 'These Days' make a mockery of claims that Joy Division were mere miserablists. So whilst the Paris recordings are superbly captured the extra sets from Amsterdam and Eindhoven suffer a little in terms of sound quality and overall energy. An essential document for anyone wanting to know how the four men fused the intensity and anger of punk and combined it with technical ability and an almost telepathic togetherness.
Album Reviews
  Track Listing
Standout Track Disorder
02 Love Will Tear Us Apart
03 Insight
04 Shadowplay
05 Transmission
06 Day Of The Lords
07 24 Hours
08 These Days
09 A Means To An End
10 Passover
11 New Dawn Fades
12 Atrocity Exhibition
13 Digital
14 Dead Souls
15 Autosuggestion
16 Atmosphere

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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