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Badly Drawn Boy Album Reviews 3out of 5
Album Reviews
About A Boy Original Soundtrack

Album Reviews
Very few artists could claim that they save their best work for soundtrack commissions and quite rightly so. Damon Gough has chosen to kill time between albums to provide the score for the latest in Nick Hornby adaptations. The instrumental pieces can generally be ignored; they provide little purpose outside the context of incidental music for film. Thankfully the vocal tracks are worth at least a second listen even if 'Something To Talk About' and 'Above You Below Me' are throwaway in a middle of the road style. 'Silent Sigh' is a much more positive indication, blending a delicate piano figure around Gough's hushed tones. 'River, Sea, Ocean' harks back to the innocent melodies of prime period Simon And Garfunkel and 'Walking Out Of Stride' boasts his strongest and warmest vocal performance; a shame that it's over after only two minutes. Opinion will probably be divided on 'Donna & Blitzen' as it's Yuletide melody borders on the twee but somehow the behatted one emerges with dignity intact. Overall, then, a satisfactory odds and sods collection to keep fans ticking over until the release of Badly Drawn Boy's crucial second album.
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  Track Listing
01 Exit Stage Right
02 A Peak You Reach
03 Something To Talk About
04 Dead Duck
05 Above You, Below Me
06 I Love N.Y.E.
Standout Track Silent Sigh
08 Wet, Wet, Wet
09 River-Sea-Ocean
10 S.P.A.T.
11 Rachel's Flat
12 Walking Out Of Stride
13 File Me Away
14 A Minor Incident
15 Delta (Little Boy Blues)
16 Donna & Blitzen

Standout Track = Standout Track

Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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